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Package Required for OCA
Dear Student,

Your Question consists in three parts below detail answer is available.

Question -1 Answer

If you have not good skills in Linux OS then use Oracle Linux 6 any update like Oracle Linux 6.5, 6.2, or 5.8 etc.
If you have good skills then Oracle Linux 7.0 or 7.1 is ok,( Here 7.4 is latest one) and you know oracle 11g was too earlier for this OS . it may give you some errors if you will install 11g on 7.4.
and how to download or where to download see the below lecture 10 video lecture.


Question -2 Answer

Download Oracle 11g R2 64bit from Oracle website for Linux as i have discussed in Video Lecture.
here is a link of lecture 11. you can see how to download and for what download.


Question -3 Answer

There are so many OS platform available now a days. So we have to decide 1st Application like Oracle 11g and then OS platform like Windows , Linux , UNIX, in Linux we have multiple platforms like Oracle Linux, Red hat Linux, SUSE Linux (So Oracle database support multiple OS Platforms )
Good is that just check Oracle 11g Supported/Compatible Operating systems.

In your snapshot you have selected Oracle for IBM Linux and HP Open VMS. (Are you sure you are using HP-UX or IBM linux OS ) If using then ok other wise select Oracle database for the OS on which you wants to install.

if still have any confusion then reply back and highlight the issue.
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
No one send me assignment on related topic i shared in last post , Now i will start next Lectures details will be available in that lecture.
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OCA related questions
Dear All ,

Please clear one thing , OCA is Database administration course to the specified technology, like 10g,11g or 12c. While there is another course which is DBMS( database management system) where students learn how to build their own databases. in OCA we will learn how build/apply SQL quires on already available database. But for this series , i will try with some example company database and we will apply the SQL quires on that. Remember our focus is to learn SQL query. That can be apply on any database system that support SQL standard.
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
All students do R&D on below topics.
What is archiving in Oracle 11g ?
What is archive log mode?
by default Flash Recovery is not enabled when install oracle 11g using typical method. How to enable that after typical installation in windows & in Linux. post this assignment on abbashussain1@hotmail.com till this Wednesday. 
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
Dear Mr.Mohsin,

I appreciate your question, it looks you have experience in oracle technologies, I am not covering the course of 11g OCA,Instead of that my objective is to become a Associate level Database administrator after completion of this course, Till this time round 16 lectures have been uploaded, But you can see all the topics we have discussed yet,are not part of OCA exam or course objectives. But don't worry i will record lectures as per OCA guidelines available at Oracle.com. If anyone have not experience in Oracle Databases , He/she can not understand oracle architecture 1st time, So after Completion of SQL fundamentals we will discusses architecture.So we are learning essentials now. R u agree or not ? 
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
To all students who really wants to grow in Database administration area, Please focus on Linux Operating system concepts and learn Linux operating system as you can. If any one interested from Pakistan regarding RHCSA Exam, i can help them for RHCSA, RHCE certification.Now Exam facility for Redhat Exams available in Pakistan.
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
Dear Mr.Nasir, 

Hope you will fine, Till this time we are just trying to learn basic components, in coming weeks you will see more lecture regarding Pure DBA course for DB  installation on Windows and Linux , i am trying to cover each phase for installation and issues that a student can phase during installations. After the completion of the all lectures you will be able to give exams for ORACLE 11g OCA certification.
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Welcome to all from Abbas Hussain in Oracle OCA Series.
Hi / Assalam O Aliekum to ALL,

Welcome all of you in Oracle OCA 11g course. You can post questions here related to part1 Lectures.I will try my best to reply all of your questions.
if facing any issue while posting question here or You can send me email.
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