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Android Self Practice Tasks for Beginners

1) Enhance The Converter Application so that it contains one additional Button Random.

On Clicking that button, the application automatically takes 2 Random Numbers and place it in Edit Text Areas , and then convert and shows results as normal.


Lecture Number 12.

Lecture Number 18.

Personal Logical Thinking capabilities.

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Android Discussion

How to set a RadioGroup so that it show Radio Buttons in a matrix/Grid form , i.e Multiple Rows and Columns for example 2x2 or 2x3 Matrix. In which only one button should be selected.

I am trying for this but unable to find easy to understand solution.

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Android Discussion
Thanks Sir, by reviewing video i found that i have not provided source address in src. It was written in srcCompat automatically which i mistakenly considered as src.
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Android Discussion

AoA , 
In Lecture 11 ImageView is discussed by respected Sir. There as we saw he used .png files.

While practicing i used .jpg file and on pressing run button i got error that file name should end with .xml or .png
Error:java.lang.RuntimeException: Some file crunching failed, see logs for details

Question is Why can not we use other formats?

Is there any other of adding pictures of other formats??



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