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needed some help on CISSP
Assalam o Alaikum

My brother is masters in computer science and has more than 10 years job experience in government sector. He personally knows IT well but has expertise only in C language. He has also left its programming for long time... I have been saying him for getting interest in CISSP because it has a great demand all over the world. He is above 40 years of age ... my question is that can he appear in certification of CISSP.... is there any age limit??? Is there any practical programming language involve in CISSP like C or php or something similar?
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Need a career advise
Having you qualification of MBA and now you want to move another field... honestly speaking, sir it is a great wonder for me why you want to switch to another field. IT field is good but is a labor job. If you have some sort of expertise, you would be given the work. IT has only the attraction especially for those who are not engaged in this field when you will come in this field very soon would be frustrated. 
So my advise is that you should not leave your own field as you have MBA degree and try to seek the job in that field in which you have taken the graduation. The computer field is good if you are young and energetic but when you will come in 50s your eye sight will go down and many new things as come in the market will not be able to cover them. So it is my suggestion do not leave your own field it is really a great degree. 
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All Abound CCNA 3.0
A year ago i completed the ccna courses from this site and enjoyed a lot and learned lot of new things which i had not known before. This site as i consider it a virtual teacher and every time whenever this site comes in my mind i treat it as my teacher and it is my habit i respect a lot of my teachers... The tutorials which have been uploaded on this site are wonderful and informative. i wanted to continue some more study to other tutorials but i engaged in some other work that i could not give time to this forum. I am this time more interested in PHP basic and PHP advanced. inshallah i will strart watching them very soon... 
I congratulate all this team of the site and hope some more tutorials will be brought on this forum and students like me get the opportunity of learning some more new things sitting in their homes with out investing any cost. 
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