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MAC Address filtering
A.O.A Faisal Sir,

I implemented the pf-sense firewall in production and it is working fine and with DHCP server.
We have two LAN interface and both are running DHCP service and also i created the traffic shaping rule for one interface and it is working fine. My question is i want allow the certain  machines with MAC address   i did not find any ACL or MAC address filtering rule in pf-sense please give me hint or package by using particular package we can allow certain machine to allow access to internet.

thanks and regards 
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MAC Address filtering
As salamu alaykum

Dear sir,

This is my actually Production setup a in between I placed the firewall, after watching your video I impressed and planned to implement.
Sir I want some System/laptop to pass through the firewall using the MAC address not through the IP address because in both the wireless router DHCP is enabled and it was difficult to assign the static IP to the laptops because they carry from ground to first floor and vise versa.

I am attaching the setup diagram
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Need a career advise
salaam Asif

First you need to understand the IT field, in which sector you are interested. In IT so many field are their so you need to decide. Here i mention some of them.

1. Networking..
  a. cisco
  b. juniper
  c. Brocade

2. Virtualization.
    a. vmware.
    b. hyper-v
    c. citrix

3. System
   a. Microsoft
   b. linux
   c. IBM AIX so..... on

4. Storage.
   a. EMC
   b. Netapp
   c. Hitachi so....on

so take your own time and Google  these in brief and chose the field

From asif Ali

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need clarification

Slaam Dear Kashif sir,

I have one doubt, i am working for government project in INDIA. we have 280 offices all over the state and is connected
through WAN link (Leased line) and the network is handling by another company which is not in our premises and also we are
not responsible for the networking instruments and their related issues and our part is to take care of server and desktop

Sir, my question is that we can brows from the leased line network !! how it is possible ?. we are only apply the static IP
address in network configuration of the system it is in class A range. we only assign the IP address, sub-net mask, default
gateway, and the DNS server IP address i.e., our local server IP address in alternet DNS server IP address we left blank.
But still we can browse the internet how sir please give any hint or site regarding this technique. What is the technology
behind this please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Allah aap ko aur aapke garhwaloon sehat ata farmaye ameen.

Akhir me Abdullha kaise hain, ye mat puchiye ke Abdullha ka zikar kaise !!!!!! That's why!!!!?

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Regarding The UTM and Firwall
where we will get the VM version should we need to buy or it is directly available as trail version. Or we need to be a partner member . if it is available for plz share the link.
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