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OCA related questions
AOA dear students any question related to the series please post here .

Welcome to UITA

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Server 2012 R2
What is the CPU utilisation , it think you need to check if you use DNS name it works slow and when you use ip addesses it is slow then you need to find a way why DNS names 
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Present Continuous Tense or Present Progressive Tense
Good work [smile] we are designing banner and will be with us very soon . 
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switch porrt security
you are missing a command my friend 
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security  violation {restrict | shutdown} 

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can we use wireless access for network
yes you should be able to accomplish that , Can they ping each other by ip address and host name then you should be able to do this
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Passed This Dreamy Exam
Brilliant , if you ever want to share anything or record any lecture for UITA please let us know at admin@urduitacademy
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Whats App Group For Network And Security
i hope you guys aware you are sharing your number on a forum , and that is public and UITA do not take any responsibility of Whats app group 

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Android software
not a big issues have you worked out your logic on this ?
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BGP neighbors
no problem [smile] have a nice week 
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Some Useful stuff if you want to learn about protocols.
Very good share , please do not forget to share knowledge . 

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subnetting problem
did you cross check it using subnet calculator .
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Dear if you visist our website it is under Useful links , Our trainer have also provided advice during the training ie use GNS .

I am also moving this post under Network .
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CCNA 3.0
First lecture posted guys , Good luck . 

two to three more lecture 

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PVID (Port VLAN ID) is a default VLAN id assigned to frames coming to the port. This is a term used for non-Cisco switches.
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B.w utilization check
Can you configure netflow ? 

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