Post your question related to general programming and in particular to c++ here i will try to answer them. regards

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Sir Mainey PHP mai mai ek form hai aur ek submit ka button hai. Abb mai yeh chata hu key jub user koi bhi number send karey tu mera program us number ka 100 table banadey.
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  for example appka html code agar aisa hay

<title>Generate tabel</title>
<body bgcolor="black"text="white"> <form method="post" action="table.php" <strong>Enter No:</strong>
<input type="text"name="num"size="10">
<input type="submit"value="Get Table">
then apka php code aisaa ho gaa

= $_POST['num'];
for($i=1; $i<=10; $i++){ $mul = $num * $i; echo "$num * $i = $mul<br>";
else{ echo "Invalid Entry!";

i hope you will get the desired output

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Salam Alaikum Sir,
Mugay confusion ye hay jab c++ may koi coding likhtay hain humko kese pta chalay ga konsi coding use karni hay for example koi bhi program bnanay kay liay kon kon say variables use karnay hongay konsay operators etc.. 
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