This is nishit from india i am working with pvt company in india which is working on wireless AP infrastructure provide. We are using ruckus AP & Controllers in infra and internet connectivity giving from FTTH modem in that modem 4062 & 4063 VLAN has passed 4062 is used for Management & 4063 is for Data VLAN further i am connecting Wireless APs thorough FTTH  ethernet port via manageable hp L3 Switch in this switch CCTV Camera network is running total 115 camera working fine we also using wifi in this network since 2 months 

We had configured 4062 & 4062 VLAN Tagging in HP 5500 Series L2 Switches & HP 2530 Series L2 Switch

we are facing this issue in Switch.

1) 4063 VLAN is stopped passing after 15-30 minutes randomly from switch and AP is showing down in VSCG controller.

Pl suggest me how to troubleshoot ?
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