rameez salamat
dear Experts.

please tell me is there any way to create a folder with multiple restrictions for example: i have 50 users . i want some people to access  shared folder but others can not. (actually not even read permission i want to give others) some files are secret and to be shown only for executive users.

is it neccessary to make "ACTIVE DIRECTORY" in this regards???

please tell me if it can be done without any active directory.

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Yes For this you need Active directory.  For this you need to create the share via share and storage management.  while creating the share folder In the SMB Setting go to advance tab. and enable here . access based enumeration. Screenshot (164).png   
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rameez salamat
mmm.. Thank you so much Sir.
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it is possible with various ways.
#1 when you share a folder,
i- go to advance sharing tab, click on #permission, Remove Everyone, then Add user one by one you want to share this folder, and give them full control..
ii- now go to security Tab and click on Edit and add users one by one and give them full control..
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