Dear Sir,

currently i am in big trouble  

Please Support me as soon as possible


Server End

i deploy a new Server 2012 R2 and install Active Directory , Dns roles and push the group policy on client end and also install a Xamp software for web base application,


server IP Address




Client End

group policy working fine but when i access the web base application the speed is too slow but when i remove Dns Address from client end i access the web base Application is too fast but Client is not synchronize and with domain and come up with local private or pubic network  and i cannot update GPO from Server to Client.


Client IP Adress


Default Gateway



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What is the CPU utilisation , it think you need to check if you use DNS name it works slow and when you use ip addesses it is slow then you need to find a way why DNS names 
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sir, i am still in trouble i am not using dns name i just install the active directory domain services for implement Gpo on therefore adds auto install the dns and without dns i cannot authenticate with clients,
but when client authenticate with server 2012 r2 then i brows my web base program from client end use but program accessing speed is too slow but when i remove the dns aadress form client machine then i access the web base program is fast .
kindly support me to resolve the issue of program accessing speed.between server 2012 R2 and Client machine.  
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CPU Utilization is 1% sometime 2%
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