i have Active Directory with Server 2012, i would like to install Radius (NAS/NAP) in it and integrate with my Wi-Fi access points (Aruba)

I want to do this basically to allow some users only from Active Directory to use Wi-Fi using (802.11x)

My question here is will i be really able to restrict ?
what i will do is , i will install radius role then i will register it with AD, post which i will create a Group called Wi-Fi in Active Directory and allow that particular group on Access Point. is this right ? or i need to do something else. 

Please Suggest. Thanks for reading this post.

Have a great day.!!

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you have to configure this setting from group policy there you can create different kind of profiles and can assign to different groups 
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Thanks for the reply bro..!!

you mean group policy of active directory ?

if you don't mind can i get any reference link of article or video discussing the same ??

Jazak Allah khair..!!

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