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Assalam O Alaikum !

I am a student of MCS(Masters in Computer Science) .
i am doing my 2nd last semester. 
i am very Curious and fascinated about it and wants to start a work on a project as soon as possible.
my area of interest is  IT networking and Security .
can anyone kindly suggest me an idea for my Final Year Project..??


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Wa alaykum Salam,

There are so many projects you can do. but all the time choose the one which is feasible and can be finished in time.


1) Implementation of high availability of data centre with optimal network performance and security.
2) Security and Performance trade off analysis between two networks or network nodes.
3) Implementation of email services for an organisation with redundancy.
4) Performance analysis of Core and distribution switch.
5) Implementation of Directory Services for an organisation.
6) Virtualisation
7) Inter connectivity of remote office of an organisation while keeping the cost minimum but performance and security at optimal level.

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