Present Indefinite Tense or Simple Present Tense

When we talk about things that happen repeatedly or habitually.

Ajay gets up at 6 o’clock every morning

I go to school everyday

I usually sleep late on Sunday morning

Ram always forgets his keys.


When we talk about permanent or long lasting situations

I work in a bank

Ram speaks English very well

Ajay lives in London


When we talk about people or things in general.

Nurses work in clinics and hospitals

Cricket is a very popular game in India.


When we talk about general truths, facts and scientific laws

The earth is spherical

Himachal Pradesh is in India

The sun rises in the east


When we talk about travel plan and timetables

We arrive in New Delhi at 8 A.M

The train leaves in 15 minutes

The class starts next Monday


When we talk about like, dislike ,love ,think

He loves Indian music

Sanjay hates travelling by train

I think he is wonderful person

I have no money at the moment

I have a new bike



Affirmative or Positive Sentences:-

 Sub + verb + object  (If subjects are I,We, You and They)

I go to school everyday 

I go to office daily

Sub + verb + s/es + object (If subjects are He,she ,it)

He goes to office daily

He comes by bus

Negative Sentences:-

Sub + do + not + object (If subjects are I,We, You and They)

I do not go to school

I do not play cricket

Sub + does + not + verb +object  (If subjects are He,she ,it)

He does not go to school

He does not play cricket 

Interrogative Sentences:-

Do + sub + verb + object (If subjects are I,We, You and They)

Do I go to school?

Do we play cricket?

Does + Sub + verb + object (If subject are He,She ,it)

Does she go to market?

Does she come here?

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