Present Continuous Tense or Present Progressive Tense


We most often use the Present Continuous Tense when we talk about something which is happening at the time of speaking

Rajesh is sleeping in the bedroom

The telephone is ringing

I am waiting for my friend in the front of Shiv Cyber Cafe.


Present Continuous is also used when we talk about something which is happening at present, but  not necessarily at the moment of speaking

I am reading an interesting book

I am looking for a job

We are studying English


We can use Present Continuous, when we talk about temporary actions taking place only for a period of time

My brother is working hard today

They are spending this week in Mumbai

He is teaching English this semester

I am living with my parents at this moment.


Present Continuous is also used to express current trends

Fuel prices are rising constantly because of strong demand.

Online shopping is growing rapidly now a day


We can use Present Continuous, when we talk about repeated actions which are irritating to the speaker

He is always complaining

Ajay is also getting into trouble in school


Sometimes we use the Present Continuous to describe a planned action in near future

I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow morning

We are having lunch at 12.30 o’clock


Affirmative or Positive Sentences:-

Sub +/am/are + verb +ing +object (If subjects are I ,We,You,They)

 I am going to London 

They are coming here


Sub +is+verb+ing +object (If subjects are He,She,it)

He is going to office

It is raining

Negative Sentences:-

Sub +/am/are+ not + verb +ing +object (If subjects are I ,We,You,They)

I am not going to school

They are not coming here.

Sub + is+not + verb +ing +object  (If subjects are He,she ,it)

He is not going to Lahore

She is not coming here..

Interrogative Sentences:-

Am/are +subject+verb+ing+object (If subjects are I,We, You and They)

Are you going to office?

Am I going to school?

Is+Sub+verb+ing+object  (If subjects are He,she ,it)

Is she coming late?

Is it raining?








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