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Assalam o alaikum sir I am making inventory database form in html and php I want following information from you
1. How I can insert date in textfield using calender. I want this format ( dd/mm/yyyy).
2. I want to assign automaticaly code number to my each product.How I can assign random and unique code number of 3 or 4 digits.This code number will be used as search item.
3. In past there was iframe used to divide page.What is the current technology used to divide page.For example on left side I want to create side bar and if I click on for example INVENTORY , Inventory page should open on right side.
4. I have made 3 text fields and one button with value =Total. For example if I give data in 1st textfield = 4.5 and 2nd textfield data 5.2 now after adding these 2 values it give me total amount in 3rd textfield which it give me 10 or 11..I want answer in decimal.
Waiting for your reply.
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there are multiple options to pick data, via scripts like javascript, php, jquery,, etc etc, or u can set the type like in html5 <input type="date" /> or like

u can use get opr post method of form to retrieve the values in textbox into php variables and add them in 3rd variable and set it back to textfield you desire.

i hope you got your answer
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Asalam Walikum Sir,

Sir mai ney ek program banayeh hai PHP mai voucher ka table ky under abb mujey isey printer sy print kerna hai tu woh kesay huga aur user view kerna chaiye tu woh bhi bata dey


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