Anurag Som
Hello Kashif..

First thing First...A huge basket of Thanks to you. and i am very glad to share that I have Passed my CISSP..and you are one of the main source / motivation behind my success. :-)

Thank you for sparing time out from your busy work schedule
Thank you for sparing time out from your family
Thank you for having a thought about creating such platform for all the people whose english is not a first language.
and Thank you for executing that thought into the urduIT form...

I Passed my CISSP, and urduIT was one of the main source for me in this Journey.. i watched all your videos / and used to go back when ever i felt i dont know about any concept / or had any doubt... since you have explained in a language which i understand without any difficulty...I was having difficult time to keep my pace and perseverance , bcoz of my job/travel but trust me i watched your videos even when i was travelling.. i set a target to complete all your videos and then started book  and other source of study...your videos helped me to create my CISSP Platform. 

You really have done a wonderful job, actually i dont have words to say Thanks.. 

with lots n lots thanks, love and respect to you and all the wonderful people at urduIT.

Anurag Som
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me too preparing for CISSP and truly agreed with all you stated above. though i didn't attempt yet and no words for his efforts and dedications. i followed him since he recorded his first lecture.

i'm studying official CISSP CBK 2015 and on 3rd chapter in 2 months. taking notes
suddenly i got " The 11th hours, already in notes.

Kindly please share your study methods, suggestion and CAT experience.

Mudassir Ahmed
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Hi Brother,

i studied, Sybex - ISC2 Study Guide 7 Ed. as my main source, Shon Harris 7 Ed.... Videos, - from different author ...UrduIT , CBT, David Miller, etc..actually i am bit slow learner and i take time to understand watching / reading different source helped me...if i dont undersand any concept from one book / video then i used to watch same concept from differnt source until i get it in my head.
did lots n lots of question - approx 6000 - to understand the way ISC ask question and expect answers...
I say understand the concept, keep one book as main line by line...then you will be good...  dont think about exam happens doesnt matter so dont stress yourself with CAT or NoCAT... that will not help you..
rather put that mind in clearing your mind / learn concept... you just need to choose the right or best answer..CAT is good as with in 100 question and max one and half hour you will get to know your result...

in earlier exam, you had to sit for six hours, that was more difficult..CAT is much easy.
Good Luck

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Mohammad Hafeez

Congrats Bro 
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