i would be very much thankful to UITA Team, if someone can make a video which explains TCP/OSI models in depth during

  1. PC to PC communication directly i.e PC-PC ( App-Physical then Physical to App)
  2. PC to PC communication with switch i.e PC-Switch-PC
  3. PC to PC communication with Router i.e PC - Router - PC
  4. Last but not least PC - Router1- Router 2 - Router 3 - PC

This is asked in many interviews and will clear basics of many of us like me who're not good with basics.

i would request you to please include all the concenpts in this using examples of DHCP, DNS , SMTP & HTTP
  • Data flow from top to bottom
  • Then transfer on physical media
  • Then flow from bottom to top

What gets added in each layer and would be glad if you can use any tool and show us practically what is happening in each layer, between PC to PC and other 3 scenarios mentioned above in numberic points.

Dua lagegi Ghareeb ki.
Jazak Allah.
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there is full lectures on TCP IP OSI model In ccna ICNDV1 .. check there
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Assalamu alaikum bro..!!

Surely i will ..

Thanks for the response.
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