السلام علیکم

Hope all my muslim brothers are fine.I am currently a software engineering student with high interest in Networking.I will be doing CCNA R&S and CCNA Security in these holidays.What knowledge should I have before learning  for these two certifications (i.e basic networking etc) ? and whats the scope of networking (Though I have heard a lot but would love if any experienced person here answers's my question).

and any good advice for me.

Will also be watching tutorials on this website.

الشاء اللہ
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how about your programming skills?
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Dear brother ! if you want to turn in computer networks you just need to now about the meaning of networks .no more extra knowledge is required . you should be motivated and good learner .Networking have very good scope all over the world . Every firm need a network technician or engineer if they need file sharing etc .. but remember

No certification has scope but your skills have the scope . if you think that you can not learn programming you are weak in creating logic and code the program etc ,then leave programming here and move to any other field of IT .

But if you think you can do the programming then my suggestion is to carry on your growth in programming .
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I have good programming skills.I am also good at learning....
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