I am living in Uk from last 10 years, my qualification is MBA . I would like to make my career in IT field, what course would you suggest me to start with so I can build my foundation in IT.

As I also would like to mentioned that I have discussed with my friends they suggested me about Compita A+, compita networking , compita Security + and CCNA .

I am so confused don't know what to do could you please help me and advise me what's the best course to start in IT career?

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start from CCNA its very basic course and move further as per your job requirement .
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salaam Asif

First you need to understand the IT field, in which sector you are interested. In IT so many field are their so you need to decide. Here i mention some of them.

1. Networking..
  a. cisco
  b. juniper
  c. Brocade

2. Virtualization.
    a. vmware.
    b. hyper-v
    c. citrix

3. System
   a. Microsoft
   b. linux
   c. IBM AIX so..... on

4. Storage.
   a. EMC
   b. Netapp
   c. Hitachi so....on

so take your own time and Google  these in brief and chose the field

From asif Ali

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Azeem Ahmed
Having you qualification of MBA and now you want to move another field... honestly speaking, sir it is a great wonder for me why you want to switch to another field. IT field is good but is a labor job. If you have some sort of expertise, you would be given the work. IT has only the attraction especially for those who are not engaged in this field when you will come in this field very soon would be frustrated. 
So my advise is that you should not leave your own field as you have MBA degree and try to seek the job in that field in which you have taken the graduation. The computer field is good if you are young and energetic but when you will come in 50s your eye sight will go down and many new things as come in the market will not be able to cover them. So it is my suggestion do not leave your own field it is really a great degree. 
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Sir my name is javed khan and I am normal graduate form BA(arts)

I am looking for advice should I  opt for this course or not because I have 6 years expericene of bpo's and call centers

so I am really fed up with this but lack of job I had to do it and my age is 32 years so bit confused in this age should I go for this course or not.

as I have no such degrees.

Please help me I am really confused.
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Yes you Can Do. If your Luck is Good You will find a Job. there are to many people doing job with B.A
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