An organisation named XYZ Inc. has three offices with Delhi having a primary domain controller and Pune and Mumbai having a read only domain controller. Primary Domain controller needs to be migrated to a  different location offering with *High Availability setup. There is an application hosted on another server XYZ.com(Php+MySQL) at Delhi location. What all steps should i take to migrate the Primary DC to a  other location keeping in mind the Minimal downtime. (If PDC somehow is not reachable, it is under High availability such that there will be a duplicate PDC that is available).

  • We have to give an input on how we are going to perform the Migration of PDC in detail with steps involved
  • What changes would have to be made in the existing domain joined system at Delhi location before or while migrating or after migration if any.
  • Mention the details of the network adjustments or new setup update that needs to be made in existing environment before or while migrating if any.
  • Draw a diagrammatic representation of how the setup looked before migration and after migration. You can assume any network IP addresses and switches and other details as and when required.
  • Would there be an impact on the currently running web application while migration. Mention the precautionary steps that needs to be taken if any.
  • In brief explain how do you setup a High Availability infrastructure on any cloud offering.
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salman Tariq
So basically you would need another DC in the picture here before you do anything.

1. Create new DC, join domain, promote it as a writeable DC.
2. Once everything is being replicated across, just do testing by creating something on dc1 and see if it shows up on dc2 after replication and vice versa.
3. check where are the FSMO roles by running netdom query fsmo. if FSMO roles are on your delhi server you'll have to move them to new DC you created.
4. After that you can test by shutting off the Delhi DC if you can for few mins in maintenance window and see if everything is working fine, it should. 
5. you should be good to move that to another location as you have another DC in place.
6. Once it's in new location up and running you can transfer FSMO roles back to it if need be. 
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