An organisation named XYZ Inc. has three offices with Delhi having a primary domain controller and Pune and Mumbai having a read only domain controller. Primary Domain controller needs to be migrated to a  different location offering with *High Availability setup. There is an application hosted on another server XYZ.com(Php+MySQL) at Delhi location. What all steps should i take to migrate the Primary DC to a  other location keeping in mind the Minimal downtime. (If PDC somehow is not reachable, it is under High availability such that there will be a duplicate PDC that is available).

  • We have to give an input on how we are going to perform the Migration of PDC in detail with steps involved
  • What changes would have to be made in the existing domain joined system at Delhi location before or while migrating or after migration if any.
  • Mention the details of the network adjustments or new setup update that needs to be made in existing environment before or while migrating if any.
  • Draw a diagrammatic representation of how the setup looked before migration and after migration. You can assume any network IP addresses and switches and other details as and when required.
  • Would there be an impact on the currently running web application while migration. Mention the precautionary steps that needs to be taken if any.
  • In brief explain how do you setup a High Availability infrastructure on any cloud offering.
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