Dear All,

Thanks to Urdu It Academy for providing this professional education and making it available for free in our language.

My special thanks to Mr Baber Akber Sir for his lectures on IP Telephony.

I was a layman in that subject now I gained good knowledge over it. But now I stuck in Gateways concept.

We have running existing voice network on CUCM 8.6 & CUC 8.6 (it has configured will all features which you covered in your Lectures and much more which I don't know) and for gateway we have C6500 (X6608-E1) with 2 PRI Lines registered using MGCP with CUCM. Now the C6500 is not working properly (sometimes DOWN and UP). So we procured new C2911V/K9 (PVDM64 an 2MFT-E1).

My query is if we change the gateway and register it with CUCM using same MGCP and add the device in existing Route Groups by viewing in Route Plan Report is enough to the voice network works as it was ?

And what about CUC it have some IVRs defined in it, does it anything to do with Gateway since all incoming call from PSTN will get Voice Response always to dial the extension or press 1, 2, ..... How the incoming calls from PSTN going to CUC does it require any specific configuration in Voice Gateway or it is the process of CUCM ?

How many changes should I need to do in CUCM & CUM ?

Kindly help me in fixing this.

Thanks to All.
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