hope all are you doing well.
if you in touch with latest news, Kubernetes are very popular now days.

now CNCF  launches two certification  :-
Certified kubernetes administrator
Certified kubernetes developer

Microsoft  also having Kubernetes in their containers
google cloud already have
Amazon also have kubernetes

EveryOne is using kubernetes , means industry is moving towards it and data center architecture is changing to monolithic to microservices.

Requesting to UITA team to kindly consider this point and if possible please start the certification series which is the strong side of UITA , without certification they can't do anything.
so they can start the series.

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Right, now the IT industry is moving very fast towards the microservices , integration ,scaling facility and most important is speed, execution speed of docker is very fast as compared to other Virtulization technology as compared to ESXi, ECS, Virtuzoo ...etc.  so Cloud Orchestration is very easy now days using of kubernetes
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