Can you elaborate about Intranet with a live example?
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An intranet is a private network that can only be accessed by authorized users and intranet is designed for internal communications.
Some intranets are limited to a specific local area network (LAN), while others can be accessed from remote locations over the Internet. Local intranets are generally the most secure since they can only be accessed from within the network. In order to access an intranet over a wide area network (WAN), you typically need to enter login credentials.

go to this page for more detail
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Actually, Intranet is more than just a private network. Today it's a complex digital workplace solution which is unreplaceable part of every middle and large size corporate structure. Yes, it improves internal communication significantly, but it's not the major advantage. Intranets help to increase work productivity (some times for 10% and more) and enhance all the collaboration processes in a company. It includes many tools and features aimed to simplify information exchange and project management, decrease of time wasting for workflow routine, socialize communications and many other useful stuff.
Go to Intranet Software Knowledge Base where you can find all the information needed in short explanation, or you can visit to know more about SharePoint Intranet, which is a great solution for Microsoft and Office 365 users.
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