Dear Sir,

I have integrated VMware with GNS3 and configured different VLANs. I deploy windows DHCP 2012 server and some other servers and client machines (DC,ADC, IIS, FTP etc) in VMware workstation and
integrate it with GNS3. I successfully configured VLANs and inter VLAN routing. But when i want to use same DHCP server for all VLANs/Networks then it will only works for the VLAN where i have placed DHCP server even I have configured DHCP helper address command on all VLAN interfaces. I am using Multilayer3 Switch in GNS3 for VLANs and inter VLAN routing.

Kindly guide.

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I have resolved the issue by configuring router on stick but unable to resolve using windows DHCP server.
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have you disable VMware DHCP if not then try to disable this
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