Dear Students ,

In this article , I am going to tell you something about English.

Question. Why should we learn English?

Answer:- As we all know, English is an international language. It is spoken in almost all countries. Here , we all are IT Professional. So in this case ,we must know English. Without knowing English , nobody can hold a good post in IT Department. It is a bitter truth. It is not a hyperbole if I say, English is the backbone of IT Department.

Question :- How could we learn English?

Answer:- Well, It has many answers and it depends upon an individual level. But I would highly recommend first we have to learn basic grammar. Once we know the basic concepts, we can easily learn English. Here I am talking about only basic grammar.Here I will cover all basic things which are required for you. I will tell you, how we can make English sentences easily, How can we understand English etc.

If you have any suggestion, Please send me.

you can ask your queries anytime . 

Pradeep Kumar 
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