Finding job       Detail of companies are in bottom of this step by step info

No1. You will not loose your hope so keeping your self esteem high and keeping good hopes is the key and should be patience (jehd e musalsal)

no2. Allah is the giver if he have some test for you better bear it boldly but if you pray maghrib and read sura-e-waqia every day 15 min can change your life. It is best for trying rizq usually when we try for these worldly things we forget the provider.

no3. For finding job you should have best resume please go on our website check your resume

Resume Help


no4. Check and well prepare for interview questions go to our website again


no5 As we been slave of british raj and unluckily English is language of today's business and Technology we like it or not we have to learn it some basic professional skills of english again on our site go there practice a bit.


And then these are sites of Pakistan and Arab countries where you can apply for jobs. If any site ask money just ignore it and pass on to next one apply as many ask jobs everyday as you can . And when you apply 100 jobs assume may be you gent 1 reply and from these 50 replies you might get reach to interview and from 10 interviews you will inshallah get your job. So long game have patience and dont loose hope and keep continue. One more thing you can do think out of the box think if you can do business in same field then you dont have to beg for job. If you cant open up big business try to check if you can work with sub contractor of any telecom contractor there are many in pakistan. If you can work as a sub contractor. AS we are not in pakistan so we cnat really help you finding job all we can do guide you and pray for you.


So here is the list of sites you can try to apply but it does not mean you should sit at home. You should do socialize you should try to social network and utilize pakistnai way of finding job which means it is not what you know it is whom you know. And you should keep trying to find volunteer work if you can even if it has to be teaching in some institute for free.

Here is the list of companies in pakistan and Arab land to apply online if they ask money dont pay just skip that company dont pay for anything.


Pakistan listes all companies,-punjab


For arab





For IT people


Students first apply online for admission through a website,and(c)AcademicFellowship,tenableintheUnitedKingdom,2014.aspx

Software testing training

blog and news do get knowledge


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Very good share , my way of searching job . I pull the list of fortune 500 companies and start applying [smile]
UITA Forum Admin
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For Career i suggest you to visit different sites and get latest job according to your choice.
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Search jobs here:
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If you are looking for the latest jobs Find all latest jobs in Islamabad according to your skills and qualification on
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<a href="">Best Jobs Websites</a>
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