Assalamo-Alaikum to all,

I set a small lab in GNS which has 2 routers and switch and some PCs
i want to configured in this lab RIPv2

whem i configured int add in R1 fa0/0 by then it is fine and take ip but
when the other side i configured int add in R2 fa0/0 by it gives me an error

"Bad mask /30 for address" i didn't uderstand what is the cuase of this error

plz help me out from this pblm.

thanks in advanced.......

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umarself is broadcast ip address thats why error is shown . you can use and

Truly Yours
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Muhammed Ahsan
dear ur giving same network ipdress  just changed r2 ip address another network......

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Muhammad Nouman Zafar
Aslam o Alikum

Dear koi mjy bta skta h k gns3 version 1.4 me firewall ASA 8.4 kis trha add krni h.. me ne add ki h but firewall me kuch command run krny k bad firewall khud e reload ho jati h...plz plz plz help me...


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Check This Link
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Dear Friends,

I'm trying to set up GNS3 lab for my CCNP Route exam, but I don't have Cisco IOS images. I tried to find on the web but no success. If someone could please send me Cisco IOS images for commonly used routers(2600, 3600, 3700, 7200). My email is
Really appreciate your help.
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Go to Here For GNS3 IOS Images
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