Adeel Akhtar
We have different offices in one building, each office has between 50-150 users. Our servers like VOIP, hosting, email etc are on cloud. Servers like SharePoint, AD, monitoring serve, cameras etc are placed locally. We cannot afford downtime of even a single minute we have 4 different ISP's A B C and D need to configure in such a way ISP A primary for VOIP and B as secondary, ISP C primary for DATA and D secondary, in case both ISP of DATA goes down, link should be switched secondary of VOIP and vice-versa only if primary of VOIP is up.
Need to do content filtering, QoS for VOIP, limit BW on IP base, monitor live traffic as well as save in logs so that we can scan those for logs when required (eg. agent browse some website which he shouldn't), VPN's to remote locations, Intranet traffic would be higher then normal. I also have cisco 36XX AP's for WiFi in few offices. For VOIP, I'm not using call manager, instead just routing all traffic via VOIP server. Will be using fiber uplinks for each office. Detailed reply would be appreciated, feel free to ask any detail I missed We also gonna need high availability.
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follow Cisco 3 layered architecture . 

you didnt discuss Physical layout and geographical layout and how many Vlan , what are use requiremnts 

I will start with Core , Surely you will have DC layer and then Distruibution and Access layer but Redudndecy is the key 
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