Dear sir, ( Kashif )

I hope your fine and healthy.  I have one Question Please Answer it
if you get a Job as a Cyber Security Expert what will be your working method please explain it Step by Step. like 1st what you will do then 2nd and 3rd ................................ etc

looking for your soonest response.

Thanks in Advanced  
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1. Your first try will be to study your company implemented IT Infrastructure 2. now check loopholes , vulnerabilities in your network 3. start vulnerabilities assessment 
4. check firewall policies, email security, harden the systems
5. check your backup and disaster recovery
6. check risk assessment 
7. start current threats awareness program 
8. prepare active response team to pay immediat response at the time of any incident 
9. check logs managemnt system and siem technology 
10. check ips/ids
11. check endpoint security
12. regularly pentest your system
13. regularly check your system updates and patch 

many things more remaining, sorry now you have to do step by step these are random selection.
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