Could you please suggest me what routers and switches i should consider for CCNP R&S
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Dear Use GNS3.. 
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Thanks for you response. 

GNS3 may be good for routing practice however for switching its not. 

I can afford to buy equipment and thinking of the following 

2 x Cisco 3750 or 3760 

2 x Cisco 2960 

2 x 2811 Routers 

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All these are enough . 3750 is enough for CCNA and CCNP as well

2x3750  (you can have 3650)
3x2911 or 1941

if you buy some serial interfaces it will be best .you can have good practice with point to point lab

be sure to have IOS 15.0 or above
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Talal Raheem
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kindly Share how to configure Host/Cloud in GNS3?
your Answer will be highly appreciated

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When you are building your Cisco CCNA lab, it is pretty easy as three Cisco router and three Cisco switches will put you in a pretty good position at a pretty reasonable price. For more assistance visit website:
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