Dear All,

I Hope You all will be fine & doing well.
How much time it will take If I want to set my career in networking field with my current job.

I have done MBA not been so much bright student in matter of study just passing marks [wink]

Well talking about my previous experience
I have worked as a merchandiser for around three years in textile industry & I learnt so many things but then I moved to UAE as everybody want to enjoy international exposure and more good salary well anyhow I joined my current company and  started work here as a Document Controller but to be very honest I don't learn anything from this position & department in my last two years and also don’t see any future growth & promotion within this department  (maybe it’s my bad luck that I join within this department however few months back I tried to change my department but my division manager refused because of manpower shortage as company not hiring new people because of some financial crises of company).


So after looking current scenario I am planning to move back Pakistan If I'll will not get any good opportunity in next few months.


Well the scenario is that I have wasted my so much time using internet in my previous years before starting my job and to be very honest learnt a lot of things from internet as well. Also tried to run some sites with the help of my one friend who was located in some other country but as usual could not get success because of impatient as any website on internet requires so much time & money for dedicated server but we were looking to get benefits in short way [wink] & In the meantime time I did certification regarding php/mysql but of course for that you need so much practice and a professional environment to become a professional well as a freelancer I did some basic level very few projects and don’t adopted as a profession.



Well as I think I am very good in computer/Applications & troubleshooting using of course using internet because I don’t have any professional degree but of course some experience of using these things from long time


So that’s the thing motivating me to adopt networking line but of course I can’t quit my current job as well I have a family who’s expecting from me. But I watched lectures of Kashif Sir regarding ICND1 those are motivating me but on the other hand it’s not that much easy to pass CCNA exam just watching lectures one time. That need so much practice and environment where you can practice labs and all.


Well the purpose to describe these things that how to go on next? if I am planning to give exam and how much time it will take in my scenario for the passing of this as I am also doing job and also looking for some better opportunity. As I am in UAE and within my location don’t find any proper institute for this and also its costly here.

So what you suggest me how to take things with my job.

And is this ok for me to change my professional line this time as already I am 29 and have family as well.
And Is this worth If I pass this exam anyhow it will be useful.

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the same situation here as u described.

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وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

Its never too late. All I can say but obviously there are missed experience days and years.

Factors to consider from new employer point of view:
Why change career at this age: if you are straight forward then you look timid; be bright, be happy and come up with better excuse; HR guys; they are much smarter than you know.

As being told by Mr. kashif; our saviour and respected teacher, CCNA is just basic, its like reading MBA book and you know that field is all different. You are not worth a penny unless you have experience. I think atleast a year, if you are bright enough and again where you used that year; a small firm or a large firm. I would rather work for free at large firm rather than getting handfull of money at small firm. Because larger firms have more to offer to your experience and believe me its worth lot more in long term.

For startup, do CCNA and get some hands on training. You are looking at about ten years of time to be at good spot. You can be there earlier its just LUCK and HARDWORK.

Hope you have great future.
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