i'm pissed of the SPAM & Phishing email in office 365.
  1. Configured DKIM, DMARC & SPF.
  2. Thinking to go with ATP & Email Digital Signatures both will add-up 1$ each per month on user basis.

The organisation i work for is medium size <500. so was thinking to cost-effective, robust solution.

Suggestions Highly Appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Thanks for your time in reading this post.

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I believe, you have configured good enough EOP for the protection of spam and phishing emails. It's good to know that you configured DKIM, DMARC and SPF.

Are you using Office 365 for whole organization or you have a hybrid setup ? ---> Answer to that question will make me to give you a selective suggestion towards your implemented scenario.

ATP is good but it's an advanced service, normally phishing emails can be control using SPF ---> EOP on end user level but, yes some high SPAM email SCL values aren't detect, for that purpose ATP is good option but, it's not only have anti spam features.

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I configured EPO and Setup some policies on Spam filter and it works like a charm .
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