• Help ( Cannot Launch AVD in Emulator error problem )

    by AimalSultani: Dear All I faced with below Problem please help that how to solve this issue.

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    Started by AimalSultani


    by Nomi: Dear Sir. Zeeshan, Firstly i was facing low configuration issue then after ugrading the rams to 8GB then i was facing ram allocation issue which...

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    Started by Nomi

  • Thank you

    by Kamil: Dear Zeshan, We are really enjoying your lecture, we are not facing any issue till right now, we have completed all 10 lecture with practice on lab....

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    Started by Kamil

  • AVD Error

    by PRUTHVI86: Respected sir, when i click on Run app , device starts successfully but does not show text field or button which i have created. Please help sir. ...

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    Started by PRUTHVI86

  • Execution Error in Android Studio

    by Unregistered: Sir, I have a problem in execution, when I execute the application the virtual device dose not shows. Please help.

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Please upload two lecture/week

    by Kamil: Dear Zeshan, Please can you expedite the training, at least upload two lecture per week. Really your training is out of the world. we are enjoying...

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    Started by Kamil

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