• All Abound CCNA 3.0

    by urduitacademy: please ask any questions about CCNA 3.0 under this post before you ask please vsisit the following links. Book ...

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    Started by urduitacademy

  • Integration of windows Server 2012 DHCP server with GNS3

    by ehsanmrp: Dear Sir, I have integrated VMware with GNS3 and configured different VLANs. I deploy windows DHCP 2012 server and some other servers and client...

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    Started by ehsanmrp


    by RAJU: Hi All, Can you please share palo alto Questions Answers so we can do preparation for PCNSE6 exam. I also need Questions Answers on F5 Big-IP ....

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    Started by RAJU

  • Dynamic Virtual Tunnel interface

    by Unregistered: Hello Everyone, I am confused in DVTI and i have few question i hope my concept will clear in this forum. 1.Why the use of ACLs with a crypto map in...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • DHCP

    by rameez khan: AssalamOAlikum where is dhcp configuration lecture i have only see thory

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    Started by rameez khan

  • CCNP-voice

    by ankur nama: Dear baber sir, You are very good trainer and your way of knowledge delivery is also very batter i also follow your each lecture.but...

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    Started by ankur nama

  • Domian ,Application and Data server shifting to new office

    by Asifru: Asalamualeykum,khasif sir please advice me what will be my check list to shifting all three server. we need to change all server ip including domain...

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    Started by Asifru

  • configuration of cisco asa firewall 5505

    by Avi4033: Dear Sir, I am Avinash from India, I currently work in an IT company as a n/w engineer. I m Fresher actually,our office has two buildings in one...

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    Started by Avi4033

  • Urgent Help Required

    by nishitpithva: This is nishit from india i am working with pvt company in india which is working on wireless AP infrastructure provide. We are using ruckus AP ...

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    Started by nishitpithva

  • Cisco ACS installation on Vmware

    by Rahul: Hi , I have tried to install Cisco Acs 5.3 on vmware but no luck. I am suspecting issue with the ios file i have with me. Can anyone help me with...

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    Started by Rahul

  • Can't Ping from Router to Host & vice versa in GNS3

    by Tahirq89: Salam All I am facing a strange issue. I am trying to ping from router to host vice-versa but am unable to do so. I have configured PC host with...

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    Started by Tahirq89

  • for ccna

    by sami: assalamoalaikum sir....i want to know where is cidr lecture and supernetting lecture sir

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    Started by sami

  • WatchGuard

    by A Mirza: hello sir first of all thanks for such a wonderful lectures sir if you can start Watch Guard firewal l series that will be so kind. regards a...

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    Started by A Mirza

  • switch porrt security

    by rameez khan: configure swithport security on Fa0/1 why port give access to all devices I only want to access this Mac address 0050.0F53.156E on fa0/1...

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    Started by rameez khan


    by rameez khan: sir ICND 1 or 2 both has RIP or 2 theroy where is practice LAB of rip

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    Started by rameez khan

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    by waheed arshad: Assalam o Alikum, Sir kindly start Microsoft SQL Server training.

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    Started by waheed arshad

  • GNS3 configuration access internet behind L3 switch

    by anuradha kore: Hello, I had done lab in GNS3 with L3 switch connected to firewall and 4 more L3 switch connected to different lab also connect to L3 switch where...

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    Started by anuradha kore

  • can we use wireless access for network

    by Unregistered: Well I have two laptops I was watching server 2008 series and planned to setup lab and installed windows server using vmware on my one laptop and...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Naveed Saleem

    by Unregistered: Sir Baber Voice specialist, plz upload the lectures for ccna collaboration. and share the labs

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Question Regarding Subnetting

    by ZainShah: Salam Sir, First of all your lectures are awesome, Thank you for your great work. I recently started watching lectures of CCNA. I have...

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    Started by ZainShah

  • Enable password or Enable secret password issue

    by rameez khan: Assalam o allikum . Any one help me out please when i configure enable password on SW its work #enable password cisco #enable secret password...

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    Started by rameez khan

  • vmware workstation

    by uzwal: Sir, i try to install windows server 2008 R 2 64 bit in vmwork station in my windows 10 os.but it doesnt work.some error message like update bios or...

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    Started by uzwal

  • DHCP Issue

    by rajatanveer: السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Sir G, May Allah bless you for your efforts and grant you success in both the...

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    Started by rajatanveer

  • Roaming

    by Muhib: یہ رومنگ کیا ہوتا ہے۔ آسان اردو میں بتا دے۔

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    Started by Muhib

  • Finding Gateway of IP address

    by ZeShaaN AzeeM: My Question is if i have IP of some one how i find Gateway of that specific IP address

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    Started by ZeShaaN AzeeM

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