• All Abound CCNA 3.0

    by urduitacademy: please ask any questions about CCNA 3.0 under this post before you ask please vsisit the following links. Book ...

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    Started by urduitacademy

  • Dhcp not working on router

    by faizan: kashif sir, Aoa, Sir i am your silent student who didn't contact you ever. let me tell you something about myself today where i am it's only...

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    Started by faizan

  • Comptia Security+

    by sandeep: Dear Sir, Please also start training for Comptia Security+ Course which covers all topics required for System Administrator Regards,

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    Started by sandeep

  • CEH Certification.

    by Syed Salman: Assalmalykum Sir g, Please Ceh k modules kerwa dyen kashif bhai :'(

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    Started by Syed Salman

  • Whats App Group For Network And Security

    by Babar: Hi Guys i have created a whats app group. "Network And Security" For Network And Security If anyone interested Please Leave a comment...

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    Started by Babar

  • CCIE

    by Shoaib Muhammad: hello bro i am telecom engineer and CCNA certified training done are CCNP and i have zero experience so should I go to CCIE? please guid ne

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    Started by Shoaib Muhammad

  • Static network statically not advertising OR showing in R1 router is OSPF neighbour

    by OSPF ( CCNP Lab ): Hello Usman Sir, My question is for Usman Sir Or anyone who can understand this scenario, Static network statically not advertising...

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    Started by OSPF ( CCNP Lab )

  • loopback interface

    by zakir: Assalam u allikum. Sir need some explanation on loopback interfaces 1. what is loopback interfaces 2. why we create loopback interfaces. 3. is that...

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    Started by zakir

  • Intranet

    by Shahjad: Can you elaborate about Intranet with a live example?

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    Started by Shahjad

  • Request

    by Unregistered: Dear Sir! please Start MCSE 2016 because its the demand of mostly students.

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    Started by Unregistered

  • How to use ipv4 to ipv6 without any pay of isp

    by shiv shankar singh: Dear Sir i would like to request you that i want to configure or want to use my ipv4 into ipv6 so how it possible to use it m not able to do this...

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    Started by shiv shankar singh

  • How to Design Enterprise Network Topology?

    by Nadim Khan: Dear Sir, Please make a Network Topology for Enterprise Network, in details, After Telco demarcation point, what should be connect is it a Router or...

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    Started by Nadim Khan

  • Waiting for Datacenter Nexus

    by kk: Hi Sir , Any plan to upload Datacenter videos like Nexus ,UCS ?

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    Started by kk

  • Problem in tunnel

    by taimur khan: i have a cisco 890 LTE router, i have configured it correctly. when i try to use it for example to make tunnel with other router so at first it does...

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    Started by taimur khan

  • Notes needed of ccna routing and switching

    by krishna: I Am in search of ccna routing and switching notes , please tell me where can i find it, and in which section of this website?

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    Started by krishna

  • Wildcard Mask

    by Furidi: Dear Sir Kashif I am finding your lecture about wildcard mask but I couldn't find it. Can you please tell me lecture No if you already uploaded your...

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    Started by Furidi

  • Request to send all ppt to CCNA and CCNP ( ALL NETWORKING PPT )

    by Mohd Aabid Saifi: Dear Qasiq Sir, I am your student since 2011 i am request to you kindly send me networking ppt to revision because if see again...

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    Started by Mohd Aabid Saifi

  • Port Channel Speed and Bandwidth

    by Syed.ahmad: Can any one tell me the difference between speed and bandwidth, I configured the port channel on Nexus-7, each interface is 10 gig, but the speed...

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    Started by Syed.ahmad

  • Palo Alto dealer guide

    by Daniyal Qureshi: Can any one guide me any palo alto dealer in karachi?

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    Started by Daniyal Qureshi

  • MCSE SERVER 2012

    by waseem ahmad: Hello Sir, When you will upload the series of MCSE server 2012 R2 Waseem From Pakistan

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    Started by waseem ahmad

  • Switch lab practice query for CCNP SWITCH

    by Tahirq89: Dear All, I have recently started CCNP switch lectures. I want to know that whether packet tracer/GNS3 will be enough for CCNP switch lab...

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    Started by Tahirq89

  • cisco layer 3 ios image

    by saminoor hussain: Hi friends ! Can anyone send me cisco layer 3 ios switch image juniper router ios image at my mail id(ssh.p2786@gmail.com)

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    Started by saminoor hussain

  • Infinite Loop

    by isknurul: Under what situations a packet can go into infinite loop in a network ?

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    Started by isknurul

  • Cisco asa cpu usage high

    by Atif1207: If the cpu usage of cisco asa firewall is high 95% how can i reduce the cpu usage

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    Started by Atif1207

  • STP

    by mohammadhafeez: Why wee need to disable STP anybody have idea

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    Started by mohammadhafeez

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