• How To Get Latest Recruitment Update of Govt Jobs, Private Jobs 2017-18

    by indguru: Hey, i am looking for job? Can anyone tell me that, how can i get latest update about Government and Private jobs?? Regards Indguru.com

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    Started by indguru

  • Palo Alto Certification

    by Vivekanand Gujjeti: Dear Sir, I havent worked on cisco firewall, can I go for Palo Alto, because its will use by most of the companies in future. Please suggest me on...

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    Started by Vivekanand Gujjeti

  • How to apply for jobs and some online company informations. you are free to add

    by careeradvice: Finding job Detail of companies are in bottom of this step by step info No1. You will not loose your hope so keeping your self esteem...

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    Started by careeradvice

  • CCNP DATA Center

    by usmanmuzaffar: Sir kindly make some videos on CCNP DATA center and kindly make it fast sir

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    Started by usmanmuzaffar

  • Online Master Degree

    by Umad: Hi, Can anyone suggest online Master degree program in the following fields (IT/Networks/Telecommunication)? Please send the University...

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    Started by Umad

  • VCP6 DCV

    by Usman Muzaffar: sir kindly make some videos on vcp6 dcv for us and if you have some of dums can you plzzz let us know so that we can easily pass the exam of that...

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    Started by Usman Muzaffar

  • What is the Best salary Job in IT at Pakistan

    by Salaries in Pakistan: Guys please share what you experience best IT jobs . What I Know . System engineer basic = 20,000 Pkrs Network Engineer Basci CCNA = 25,000 to...

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    Started by Salaries in Pakistan

  • URDU IT should start some thing like Virtual University

    by Sajjad Iqbal: Dear sir when you started every thing till now ,im thinking UITA should like Virtual Uni where atleast we can get 2 year or 4 year degree

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    Started by Sajjad Iqbal

  • looking for nob

    by shoaib6288: hey every one where can we do job on the base of CCNA CCNP . i am looking for one year but did not get ang networking job. kindly guid me

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    Started by shoaib6288

  • Deployment Exchnage

    by asif.janggroup: I have an issue in exchange server2016 please advice me how i resolve this issue.. we install Exchange server 2016 and configure auto...

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    Started by asif.janggroup

  • Thank You Sir,

    by waaqarahmad: Dear sir, in Pakistan this is first website which providing multiple education in one plate form.before, we see there are lot of slimier Indian...

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    Started by waaqarahmad

  • List of comoanies with email address amd website in saudia arabia

    by Imad: Here is a list of saudi companies Salaam Email addresses of 40 companies for job application in Saudi Arabia. Please share to benefit fellows...

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    Started by Imad

  • Jobs interview

    by Waleedsiddz90: Add some interview questions

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    Started by Waleedsiddz90

  • Career Advise / CCNA

    by Unregistered: Dear All, ا لسَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه I Hope You all will be fine ...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • need advice regarding mcitp/mcsa

    by Unregistered: HI hope all r doing well.i jast want some help regarding course selection.i want to complete my mcitp so which series should i follow first i am...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • ITIL Foundation Certification | (PLEASE START LECTURE FOR ITIL )

    by Unregistered: ASA everyone, as you guys know, ITIL is becoming more common in industry, and not much sources are available. My request to Kashif Sir and other...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Carrer advice

    by Asifru: Asalamualeykum khasif sir please help to do CERTIFICATION i am confused what i have to study Basically i m hardware & network engineer 9 yrs...

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    Started by Asifru

  • Project Ideas...?

    by hafiz ali: Assalam O Alaikum ! I am a student of MCS(Masters in Computer Science) . i am doing my 2nd last semester. i am very Curious and fascinated...

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    Started by hafiz ali

  • Need a career advise

    by asifbaahir6229: Hi, I am living in Uk from last 10 years, my qualification is MBA . I would like to make my career in IT field, what course would you suggest me...

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    Started by asifbaahir6229


    by faizigee: Dear all, If you are not in Saudi Arabia and want to get job. So, you have 2 options. 1st option : you have to buy a visa which is called Azad...

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    Started by faizigee


    by mrkhan: Assalam o Alikum, I am working in Saudi Arabia since 8 years as a Technical Support Engineer but during this 8 years I list my job 4 times due...

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    Started by mrkhan

  • Advice

    by Unregistered: Aslam o Alikum to all I want some advice I am about to graduate from BSC IT course and planning to go to Germany for masters in computer science...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Ping issue

    by Unregistered: Dear Brothers, Could you please help me out for below scenario, If We have Cisco-4500 Switch connected with Cisco-2960 through 802.1q trunk, now we...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • my interview question for the post IT support Engineer

    by sabir_mcitp: My latest interview questions tell me about you how to install AD in 2012 then after answer how to in 2008 what is dns dhcp what if dns...

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    Started by sabir_mcitp

  • Software Testing Training and Certification in Online

    by Unregistered: Are you looking to become a software tester?. nowadays software testing career is one of the better platform in IT industry. In software testing has...

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    Started by Unregistered

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